Warning Signs Your Child Needs Eyeglasses

Warning Signs Your Child Needs Eyeglasses

Warning Signs Your Child Needs Eyeglasses

Properly developing healthy eyes is crucial for a child's growth and learning. Parents should be aware of signs indicating that their child needs glasses. Undiagnosed eye problems can significantly impact their learning ability and affect their vision later in life. Here are signs that your child may need eyeglasses:


Tilting Head and Squinting Eyes


If you notice your little one tilting their head or squinting when looking at distant things, they may have myopia. Early diagnosis of nearsightedness can help control its effects. Your child may need specialty myopia control glasses or contacts or atropine eye drops.


Extreme Tearing 


Abnormally high tear production may indicate your child's eyes are overworked or have an infection or injury. It can also be the result of blocked tear ducts. An eye examination by an eye doctor can accurately diagnose the issue and determine the appropriate solution.


Following Text With a Finger While Reading


If your little one does this while reading, it may indicate amblyopia, also known as lazy eye. Reading without a finger can help determine whether your little one needs corrective eyeglasses.


Losing Their Place While Reading


Strabismus and astigmatism can cause your little one to lose track of what word they are on when moving from one word to the next. Do they have trouble making sense of text or experience distortion or blurriness? If so, your child may need glasses. 


Frequent Eye Rubbing and Eye Fatigue


Rubbing the eyes or complaining about eye pain can indicate refractive issues like astigmatism, nearsightedness, or farsightedness. An eye exam can diagnose the problem and help your child get the appropriate treatment.


Covering One Eye to See


If your child covers one eye to see, they may have amblyopia or astigmatism in one eye. Covering each eye at a time can help determine which eye has trouble seeing.


Blurry Vision at Certain Distances


This is an obvious indication your little one requires prescription eyeglasses. If they cannot see distant objects or if one or both eyes experience blurriness all the time, they may have eye damage or astigmatism.


Poor Academic Performance


If your little one struggles in school, it may be due to vision problems. Nearsightedness or color blindness may affect their ability to see whatever is on the boards or computer screens.


Extreme Light Sensitivity and Headaches


If your child is sensitive to light, they may experience headaches when exposed to bright light. Special eyeglass lenses or sunglasses can help reduce light sensitivity.


Sitting Too Close to Screens


If your youngster needs to sit too close to screens or text to see them clearly, they may have myopia. Eyeglasses can help alleviate this prevalent refractive error. 




If your child exhibits any of the signs mentioned above, booking an appointment with an optometrist is best. Undiagnosed eye problems can negatively impact your little one's ability to learn and develop, both academically and socially. By addressing eye problems early, you ensure their eyesight develops appropriately.

Many eye problems, such as myopia, can develop in kids at a young age. Fortunately, there are effective control measures and corrective eyewear available. An optometrist can diagnose the specific issue your child is facing and recommend the most appropriate action.

For more on pediatric vision care, visit Seeport Optometry at our North Port, Florida office. Call or text us at (941) 876-4400 to schedule an appointment today.

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